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Discover luxurious, natural mohair products carefully crafted with sustainability and ethics in mind. Enjoy the comfort of a soft premium fiber that supports an industry focused on preserving our future.

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Every fiber in Mother Mohair’s product is produced in love.

The manufacturing process is fiercely ethical from start to finish that begins with an Angora goat farm in the Western Cape. Most animals are referred to by a name and each have their own quirky personalities. Strict sustainable mohair industry productions guidelines that regulate the industry are followed. No animal is harmed in the sharing process. We are dedicated to offering a sustainable product that is technology advanced but also creates jobs, maintains rural livelihoods and treads lightly on the earth.


Mohair, the soft and lustrous fleece of an Angora goat, is one of nature’s most exclusive natural fibers.
It also possesses exceptional durability, making this versatile fibre incredibly luxe yet resilient for long-term wearability. This sustainable fleece has an incredibly soft feel and a beautiful luster that adds opulent depth to its colors.


The Noble Fibre

The Finest quality, strength and luster artistically woven to support high moral principles globally. Mohair is odor and stain resistant. Durable yet breathable. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. Nature at its finest.


It’s woven into our fibre. South Africa is the largest manufacture of mohair textiles. Their economy depends on the Mohair industry. It is apparent they are committed to the welfare of the Angora goats as well as the practice of regenerative farming.

The Vision

Mother Mohair has one vision. To support women and mothers regardless of borders. We do this by teaching the artisan skill of hand weaving mohair textiles. Women with resources have choices.

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Shop Mother Mohairs premium luxury mohair products sustainably sourced from the highest quality materials to bring you the highest quality pieces that seamlessly blend comfort and style.


Our natural mohair products are crafted with utmost care, sustainability and ethics in mind. Each throw is woven from the finest quality of materials that align perfectly with our vision to create timeless pieces without compromising on comfort or style.

Our exquisitely-crafted mohair throws and rugs are the perfect addition to any home – beautiful, timeless pieces you will hand down. Experience superior comfort with breathable fibers that resist stains and odors while providing long lasting durability for years of enjoyment.


In an industry with a history of sustainability and ethics, one thing stands out more than anything else: LOVE

Mohair is a fibre derived from the fleece of Angora goats and the industry supports over 800 South African farms and an estimated 30,000 dependents. 50% of the world’s mohair is produced in South Africa, under strict guidelines of sustainability that have been in continual development since 2009.

It’s all about the goats…